Volmarr (volmarr) wrote in pickypeople,

My Singles Ad

Who I am

Greetings, I'm Volmarr! I am 32 years of age. My astrological sun sign is Virgo, with a Gemini moon and Libra ascendant. I am a male who is seeking a female of about 22 to 32 years age, for a relationship. My ethnicity is Caucasian. I live in the city of New Orleans in Louisiana in the USA.

Life-style status

I am single, have no children and I do not want children. I have no pets.


I am presently a student with a major in Computer Information Technology with a focus on web design. I also work as a part-time tarot reader.


My physical characteristics can be described as toned and 5' 9" (175 cm). I have hazel green eyes. My hair is long but thin darker blonde. I have a goatee.

Spiritual path

My religious/spiritual path is Hinduism with a strong interest in metaphysics, spiritual growth, and world religions. I believe working on learning how to be a good person and focusing on inner spiritual lessons and how to be part of Earthly life are the first step in any spiritual path. Only when there is grounded and balanced inner health can one focus on transcendent spiritual practices.


My dietary preferences is healthy vegetarian with no fish or eggs. Indian food is my favorite cuisine. I love sweets.


I am a non-smoker, and don't drink or take any drugs.


I would describe my personality as intelligent, pondering, curious, spiritual, esoteric. I love long conversations about subjects that interest me. I am picky about some things and very laid back about other things. I like quiet non-stressful environments. I am an introvert.


My interests include: metaphysics, astrology, tarot, spirituality, anthropology, psychology, political activism, computers, web design. I enjoy bicycle riding.

Who I seek

I desire to find a women who is spiritual, a non-smoker, is physically fit, non-dogmatic, grounded, not adverse to the sensual side of life, and with some similar interests as mine. Brownie points for being vegetarian.

Type of relationship I seek

Looking for a girlfriend first and more later if things go well over a long period of time. I am not seeking someone to have children with, I don't want children. I want a life companion, someone to share the spiritual adventure of life with.


Intellect, good conversations about the meaning of life, communications, flirting, openness, honesty, directness, short petite females, long sex, cuddling, closeness, introspection, physical fitness, brisk walks, cute female feet.


Smoking, drugs, meat-eating, coffee, alcohol, loud noise, loud people, bad conversation skills, ignorance, prudes, religious dogma, bad physical shape, unhealthy eating, lack of a spiritual path, obsessive materialism, work-aholism, no spare time, always keeping busy and never wanting to just stop to "be", lack of energy.
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